Pressure Seal Double Postcard

InkJet Double Post Card
1 Form = 2 Postcards

The pressure seal format system utilizes a pressure-activated adhesive on a single sheet of paper to create a mailer. There is no need for envelopes! Pressure seal forms eliminates the costly steps of manual folding, stuffing, and sealing. Double postcard is a single ply pressure seal document. It has two panels, and is constructed of postal weight paper. After imaging, the document is folded/sealed, split into two separate folded postcards.

A double stamped card or double postcard is perforated to be detached by the recipient and returned by mail as a single card. Double cards must be used for replying only and may not be used to convey a message to the original addressee or to send statements of account. The reply half may be formatted for response purposes. The double postcard is folded and so that the address on the reply is inside when mailed. The address side of the reply half may be prepared as business reply mail. Most mailers are pressure sealed to save time and money.