Production Inkjet Media

The Digital Printing Technology of the Future

There have been many advancements in Production inkjet printing. Inkjet Media Solutions (a division of CTP Solutions) will focus on custom media used by production digital and inkjet users. Production inkjet printing is so much more than being cost-effective. It is a technology ready to foster relationships between consumers and their products/services.

Inkjet is more capable than ever. With stunning image quality improvements, increased media latitude, and built-in operational efficiencies, inkjet is more than a print technology. It is at the center of a transformational ecosystem designed to overcome many of today’s print manufacturing challenges. Inkjet removes steps in the print manufacturing process, making it the ultimate efficiency engine. And with 100% full color personalization capabilities, inkjet also ensures you’re ready to unleash new value-added production.

There are many different print engines available to serve different market segments. These productions inkjet devices will print high volume jobs, primarily from rolls but also in cutsheet formats. The print quality obtained depends on the actual application, though there is a consistent improvement in the quality, with near offset capabilities becoming a reality.

Different companies in the marketplace today offer many production inkjet printers that target diverse marketplaces. The print engines are now getting to speeds that are comparable to speeds obtained from lithographic printing. Inkjet has many advantages compared to other print technologies.

Inkjet lowers run costs by using blank rolls of paper which saves money versus creating and warehousing offset preprinted shells for overprinting. Production continuous inkjet presses have per-page costs approaching offset.

  • Inkjet boosts productivity, allowing for more aggressive lead times. One production super wide roll inkjet device can replace multiple Xerographic printers. By streamlining workflows, you gain efficiency to produce more jobs in less time. The result helps you save space and reduce overhead costs.
  • Production Inkjet bypasses the time-consuming processes required for offset press setup, unlocking more productive shift time for commercial production print operations.
  • A move to production inkjet could mean producing up to 20 times the volume of existing Xerographic devices in the same shift. The entire workflow from job input to finishing and fulfillment may need to be enhanced to support these increased volumes.
  • Inkjet removes the need for offset color shells. Both Digital Toner and Full Color content can print together, saving time and money. This also presents an opportunity to redesign documents so monochrome data is presented in color, capturing more attention and boosting effectiveness.
  • Gain 100% full color personalization potential. Inkjet lets you deliver personalization across an entire page instead of being confined to a 4- or 8-inch strip with a digital head on offset.

Time-to-print is improved, which is a big driver behind the move to production inkjet. Additional benefits include shorter lead times and implementing last-minute changes easily. Faster inkjet speeds provide significant flexibility when it comes to meeting smaller turnaround times.

Printers: Grow Your Revenue with Inkjet

The bottom-line benefit of embracing inkjet technology is revenue growth, which often requires re-engineering offset jobs to leverage variable information, adding relevance and increasing value. This transformation can open the doors to new work and new growth. Let Inkjet Media Solutions consultants work with you to advise you on the correct OEM evaluated or approved media to make this happen.

Creating Brands Effectiveness with Production Inkjet

Drive client loyalty and revenue with direct mail. Product personalization delivers a performance boost, and this is a critical strategy to increase open rates and resulting in sales. Mailing to current customers reduces sales acquisition costs. The success of the personalized postcards leads to the expansion into other divisions.

Migrate to a smarter future for statements: Inkjet Presses and consolidating equipment, operators can run a single, integrated full-color statement with variable data and promotional messaging all in one pass. No storage. No collating. And, the printed piece matches the PDF for electronic presentment.

Inkjet provides the ability to manufacture 100% personalized content rapidly and cost effectively. Inkjet lets brands maintain a flow of highly relevant physical communications that complement – and even integrate with – the branded interactions consumers have in the digital realm.

Production Inkjet connects an action a consumer has taken, such as visiting a website, and sending them a personalized direct mail piece for that specific person. The communication goes out quickly, within 24 to 48 hours, while the action remains fresh in the consumer’s mind.

Inkjet Media Solutions would like to show you how you can utilize specialized inkjet media for your custom applications in your business to grow your revenue.