Label Stock Cut Sheet & Roll

CTP label stock allows inkjet printing and processing to produce finished labels. The label stock is designed to lay flat in a wide variety of print processes including offset and inkjet or laser printers.  In roll stock the labels are custom-made to run at high speed. CTP’s label stock runs successfully in a wide variety of applications including:

  • High Speed Industrial inkjet printers
  • Digital Laser printers
  • Direct and Thermal Transfer

Roll labels defined as any label on a roll. A roll of labels are the traditional way labels are printed. Despite the popularity and convenience of desktop label printing, labels on rolls provide lower cost. The costs of label sheets and toner combine to make a much more expensive label than labels on rolls printed by a label manufacturer. This is true for custom, blank an preprinted labels on rolls.

Labels on rolls are available in an incredible array of sizes, shapes, materials and printing options. Depending on the product, they can be printed in standard sizes or using custom dies. Custom labels on rolls refers to roll labels printing and to roll labels sizes. As an example, labels printed with your custom artwork are considered custom even when printed on standard roll labels sizes.

Blank and preprinted labels on rolls are either white or pre-printed with background colors and possibly messages. We offer custom and stock labels. Roll Labels Printed In Full or Spot Colors From Foil to Barcode Labels on Rolls. We offer these services:

  •  Fast Pricing and Ordering
  • Custom and Stock
  • Any Dimension You Need On Custom Orders
  •  Fast Turnaround


Type of labels

  • Alarm System Window Decals, window decals can be ordered for either the inside or the outside of the window.
  • Embossed Anniversary Seals For Corporate & Business Anniversaries, Embossed And Printed On Premium Foils
  • Asset Tags With Barcode, Adding barcodes to your asset tags is a great way to track company assets.
  • Custom Bumper Stickers, bumper stickers are printed on durable vinyl with a protective laminate
  • Business Card Labels And Business Card Stickers
  • Color Coded Labels for Popular Filing Systems
  • Control Panel Graphic Overlays, name plates and subsurface printed materials including Lexan
  • Domed Labels And Domed Stickers, crystal-clear, polyurethane dome laid over flat label stock to create domed label
  • Foil and Embossed Labels, Foil embossing creates depth.
  • Hard Hat Stickers And Hard Hat Decals Custom Printed
  • Hologram Stickers Holographic Labels Reduce Tampering
  • Blank or Custom Laser Printer Labels And Inkjet Labels
  • Laser Mailing and Laser Shipping Labels
  • Pre-Designed Made In USA Stickers – Custom Embossed With Your Information
  • Custom-Printed Mailing Labels
  • icon gallery Photo Gallery
  • Custom Printed Name Stickers and Name Tag-Sticker Combos
  • Custom Printed Packing Tape
  • Custom Printed Parking Permits
  • Custom Full Color Labels
  • Custom Product Labels
  • Metal Labels For The Most Durable Rating Plate Requirements
  • Custom Shipping Labels and Personalized Mailing Labels
  • Custom Static Cling Decals
  • Custom-Printed Tags & Connectors
  • Anti Forgery and Tamper Evident Security Labels
  • UL® Recognized Label Component Systems And Printing The UL® Mark
  • Custom Printed Safety & Warning Labels
  • Weatherproof Labels For Outdoor
  • Custom Window Decals for Business
  • Custom package Labels